A bakery as a business... Taking pride in baking bread

"Taking Pride in Baking Bread"
Vocation for Baking

Baking bread is hard labor
Our work unit for handling ingredients and dough weighs roughly 25kg

In the winter the water is cold, handling the dough could cost us our limbs
In the summer, we must endure the humidity close to the oven
Set at a temperature of 220oC

"The baker is the first one up..."
Just as the saying goes, we must wake up early every morning
We must finish today's work, to prepare for tomorrow

A gift from nature, wheat is very unpredictable
Similar looking wheat will act surprisingly differently each day
Its appearance will change depending on the day's temperature, humidity and air pressure
Nevertheless, we must create the same bread every day

Baking bread is a "daily battle"

If bread is so difficult to bake, why didn't we give up right away?

We would never dream of it
There is nothing we enjoy more than baking bread

Flour, water, salt, yeast
Cook, knead, rise, and bake
Even a slight change in composition and size
Affects the character of the bread completely

Then, from the outer layers of the bread will rise
An indescribable smell
"The world's happiest smell"
That is the smell of freshly baked bread

It's impossible to bake the same bread twice
But we strive everyday to deliver the same great taste

To provide your dining table with the same great taste
That is the pride of every baker

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