The birth of Kobeya Restaurant

"Kobeya Restaurant's Great Journey"

16th Century-Arrival of Guns
It is said that bread was introduced to Japan at this time
However, bread remained to be seen on the dining tables of common folk
With time, bread was to make a reappearance

Our business was born to deliver bread to the dining tables of foreigners
However, it was still many years before we made bread for Japanese people

Next Era
Japan experienced a wave of westernization
Bread was accepted as a component of breakfast
However, the image of bread as a snack prevailed
And became a convenient sweet snack

Those that considered bread to befit lunch and dinner remained a minority...
So we asked ourselves the same question everyday:
How can we convince our people to eat bread for lunch and dinner?

Japan welcomed the high-scale World Exposition
Still, we failed to introduce the marvelous varieties and tastes of bread
We blamed ourselves

Introduction of delicious varieties of bread for lunch and dinner
"We want our kitchen to be loved by customers"

This thought served as the concept for Kobeya Kitchen

We opened a bakery restaurant
Where we could introduce the tastes and varieties of bread
This was the beginning of our great challenge

Delicious Varieties of Bread...
An open space where bread and cuisine are combined to create delicious dishes
A place to discover delicious dishes, the result of new culinary combinations
And discover recipes
Which bring out the delicious taste of bread as a garnish
Here, we could finally step foot into a new culinary culture

Japan, A Rice Country
Japanese people's faith in rice runs deep
From ancient times, Japan was built upon rice cultivation
On the path for bread to become a staple food
There was always resistance
We repeatedly found ourselves at a standstill,
Looking up at the walls and mountains we faced,
But we never gave up in our quest to bake bread

Our Shortsightedness
Without following in our predecessors footsteps,
We strayed from path
The glamour and riches of Western culture poured into Japan in waves
Catching everyone's eye
But no such phenomena was seen for food
Bread remained but a guise, not appreciated for it's fine taste

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
It was obvious
We made full use of our actual ingredients
and extracted "nature's delicious taste"

Finally, our Bakery Restaurant Sees Success
Bread's delicious taste was instantly experienced as part of culinary dishes
As vague as it may seem
The trigger was to extract "nature's delicious taste"

A Baker Lives for Baking Goods
This is our point of return when we wander deep into the forest of flavors
This is our guiding light

Our Search for Compatible Dishes Continues
We continue our journey
To discover new delicious recipes
In the open space which is flavor, in the maze which is taste

Kobeya Restaurant Was Born
from our love for culinary culture

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